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Sonos now works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

The newly released Sonos One now works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This is great news for people who love the fantastic sound quality and voice-activated music browsing. The Sonos One allows you to be able to use all the great Alexa tools right from a single Sonos speaker. With great sound quality and it’s easy to use interface, the Sonos One is the only speaker you will need.

The Sonos One is the premier speaker for use with a digital assistant, like Alexa or Google Home. The Sonos system allows you to connect wirelessly to your in-home system to access your assistant anywhere in the house. Originally launched with only Alexa compatibility, it now allows the use of Google Home and Google Home Assistant.  

Sonos is the best WiFi connected home speaker on the market. It has some of the highest ratings on Amazon. Speakers that connect to the internet allow the user to use their voice to search. The connection is very easy and only takes about ten minutes to set up. You can listen to Spotify, iHeartRadio or even Apple Music through the Sonos One. You can play any music in any room with the Sonos One because it now works with any Amazon Alexa or Echo device and its a must have device for every Smart Home.

Here are some great features of the Sonos One

  • You can search up to 30 different streaming services using only your voice.
  • You can change the volume by just asking Alexa to turn it up!
  • It is humidity resistant
  • The Sonos App allows you to control it no matter where you are
  • It sounds bigger than it looks.
  • It allows for stereo play if you own two Sonos Speakers.

The Sonos One has some great features and is available for a great price. Sonos now works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. This is great for on the go music listening as well. The wireless speaker allows you to listen anywhere in your house. You can use it on any wireless network.  

Why Should you Buy a Sonos One?

The Sonos One runs on WiFi inside your home instead of the Bluetooth through your phone. This makes it easier for listening even when there’s a phone call. Do you want to listen to the purest sound from a portable speaker? The Sonos One is your best option. It doesn’t rely on an unreliable system like Bluetooth. The Sonos One allows you to control music in your house from any room. It also allows you to play different songs in different rooms. This is what makes it better than a Bluetooth speaker. The music never stops no matter who’s calling.

If you have an existing Sonos Home Speaker system, the Sonos One will integrate directly into that set up as well. You can connect the Sonos One with the Sonos PLAYBAR, and have the speaker setup with your smart TV if you wish to do that as well. Because the speaker is wireless, you can put it anywhere without the fear of having a mess of wires hanging everywhere.

Simply put, the Sonos One offers the most connectivity for personal wireless speakers out of any of the other options on the market today. With its adjustable bass and treble levels, you can ensure you’ll have the best quality sound available.

What Sets Sonos Apart from the Others?

Sonos is a leader in audio speakers and sound production. They always make very high-quality equipment, the Sonos One is no exception. The fact that it works with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa just add to the hype surrounding Sonos. People who love being efficient in their lives will love what the Sonos One can add to their music experience. Sonos’ collaboration with Amazon to bring epic sounds to the home, with their high production quality is next to none. It has a very simple set-up through the app included with the system. All you have to do is connect to your home network, and you can start listening to your favorite music in amazing quality.

How to use Sonos with Alexa

Sonos allows the user to simply search using their own voice. If I wanted to listen to my trance station on Spotify, all I would have to do is say, “Alexa, Play Spotify”. The system will then ask you which station you would like to listen to. I would say, “Play My Trance Mix”. Then boom, my music would start playing over the speaker. If you already have an Amazon Echo, using the Sonos with Alexa will be very similar.

The Amazon Alexa personal assistant also allows for weather and news updates. It does this without even completely muting your music. The idea of the Sonos is that the music never stops. Alexa does not allow for voice calling over Sonos, but that might be on the horizon according to producers.

Sonos with Alexa also works with other Connected Home technology that is compatible with Alexa. The Sonos One will allow you to control your smart thermostat, such as Nest using a voice command. There are just so many cool things that the Sonos One can do, these are just a few of the most exciting examples.

Ultimate Conclusion

The Sonos with compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant is one of the best speakers on the market today. With a price of $249.99, it is significantly cheaper than the Apple HomePod and Google Home Max.  It has the day-to-day usability that the standard Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have. The sound quality vastly outperforms almost any other sub $400 speaker on the market. One of Sonos’ biggest advantages is that it takes an existing speaker system and an existing home assistant, and brings those together. Overall, the Sonos One would be an ideal gift or just something to get for yourself to jam while at home.